About Me: Just a guy who likes to ride bikes, and loves Iowa City, IA. Proud owner of ICCC Official Race Dog, Flip Hambott.

Riding Bikes Since: for a good long while.
Website: http://brianrabbott.com/

Road Racing Category: 4
Cyclocross Racing Category: 3
Mountain Racing Category: Comp

My Bicycles: Specialized Tarmac Pro, Specialized Crux Pro, Surly Cross Check SS, Surly Karate Monkey SS, Surly Long Haul Trucker, Uber-Townie, etc.
Other Hobbies: Vinyl, reading, hammock-time, coffee, the internets. Oh yeah, and cycling of all types!
Favorite Race: Snake Alley Crit and Old Capitol Crit
Cycling Achievements: 3rd place at the Cobble Climb at Snake Alley the year I forgot my road shoes, showed up late and missed my race.