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Results for Monika’s Summer Time Trial Series #1

Here are the overall results for Time Trial #1:

21:54.00 – Paul Denninger, American Equity (Men 1/2/3)
23:18.88 – Mark Sorenson, ICCC (Men 40+)
24:52.21 – Geoff Perrill/Darcy Sanford, ICCC (Tandem)
24:58.02 – Wayne Fett, New Pioneer (Men 40+)
25:03.22 – Mark Beatty, Twisted Spokes (Men Breakaway)
25:03.34 Wes Hepker, Unatt. (Men 5)
26:22.87 – Karen Stierler, ICCC (Womens 4)
26:25.48 – Chris Martin/Monika Martin, ICCC (Tandem)
26:26.37 – Barry Carter, ICCC (Men 40+)
27:09.02 – Todd Papke, Unatt. (Men 40+)
27:12.75 – Tim Kennel, New Pioneer (Men Breakaway)
27:21.56 – Mark Considine, New Pioneer (Men 40+)
27:25.52 – Kim West/Sue Cook. Zealous Racing (Tandem)
27:30.97 – Henning Gerke, ICCC (Men Breakaway)
27:54.59 – Tobin Jacks, Unattatched (Men 5)
28:25.81 – Ed LaGrange, Unattatched (Men 40+)
28:50.38 – Jennifer Parker, ICCC (Women 4)
29:11.28 – Cassandra Kessler, ICCC ( Women 1/2/3)
29:35.03 – Darien Nagel-Gamm, ICCC (Women Breakaway)
30:07.03 – Shauna Dudley, Unattatched (Women 4)
31:58.19 – Todd Brown, HBA Racing (Men 5)
35:39.26 – Susan Sorenson, Unattatched (Women 40+)
DNF – Rob McKillip, New Pioneer (Men 4)

Thanks To all my Sponsors!! Geoff’s Bike & Ski, New Pioneer Co-op, Bluebird Diner and Cafe Del Sol Roasting! and…thanks to all of the racers who came out on a not so great day and gave it their all.

Monika Martin

Monika’s Time Trial #1 RESCHEDULED

Due to weather conditions and foreseen low attendance, I have made the sometimes difficult call to CANCEL today’s race, April 19th. However , the RESCHEDULED race will be NEXT Tuesday, April 26th. I waited with the hope that perhaps the forecast would change, as it sometimes does in Iowa, and it would not be quite as nasty as predicted. As it turns out, it’s worse, not better. I used the DOG-O-Meter method; let the dogs out to pee, instead the turn right around and come back in!
I hope to see you next Tuesday that is April 26th, 5:30-6:15 registration, First rider off at 6:30.

Feel free to shoot me a message on my blog, here, or on Bike Iowa’s page.


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