What: Iowa City Bicycle Master Plan (different than Parks master plan!)
Where: Senior Center, 28 South Linn Street
When: Thursday, January 26th
What Time: 6 – 7:30 pm (open house format)

The intent of this open house is to learn about the planning process, provide input on existing bicycling conditions, and identify potential improvement areas. ¬†Details at Let’s Get Rolling – IC Bicycle Master Plan.

Additionally, there is a Bicycle Master Plan Survey that is being used to gather input. The survey takes some time to go through but provides valuable data to the city as well as the University.

Think of this as a Strava Heat map – enter your normal commuter route and identify locations that are “sketchy” as well as good. This could be lack of defined bike lane, poor maintenance, no connectivity, etc. You can comment on others routes as well.

Folks, this is the time to get some work done. We have key people involved in the planning process, and there is considerable momentum on several fronts. Please take the time to pass along your input.  Also, Emily Robnett and Ben Anderson are both on the Bicycle Advisory Committee for this Master Plan. Feel free to talk with us at any time.